Dr. Aditi Neelakantan

Medical Practitioner
Expertise: Health, Wellness, Women's Health, Fertility
Education: Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Sciences


  • MBBS
  • Medical Content Writer
  • Medical Content Reviewer

Dr. Aditi Neelakantan, a medical practitioner with a strong inclination for compassion-driven research, believes that “knowledge is a commodity to be shared”. She dedicates her time to simplifying complex medical information so that people can better understand their health and make informed choices.


After completing her MBBS, Aditi Neelakantan became a Medical Writer and Reviewer, drawing on her experience as a doctor to educate the masses about health and wellness. Through her skillset, she provides scientifically accurate and simplified information that focuses on patient education, women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, and nutrition. 

Dr. Aditi’s interest in women’s health and fertility began when she attended a medical camp for women. There, she was amazed to discover that information about menstruation and fertility was scarce and inaccurate, and she became motivated to bridge the gap. Through her writing, she strives to provide readers with content that is understandable, credible, and concise.   

Behind the scenes, Dr. Aditi is a huge Harry Potter fan. She also loves to travel and drink too much coffee in her free time.   


Dr. Aditi Neelakantan has completed her MBBS from the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences. She currently works as a Medical Writer and Medical Reviewer.