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Margaret Etudo

Margaret Etudo

Professional Health Writer
Expertise: Pharmacy
Education: University of Lagos


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree
  • News and Consumer Health Writer
  • Extensive experience writing copies for health brands to educate their  audience in the simplest way possible

“My main focus is to ensure that you get the most out of every health-related article you read on the Internet. Whether you’re an inquisitive browser, a parent catering for your family, or a healthcare professional looking for the best way to deliver valuable content to your audience.” 


Margaret Etudo is a health writing expert with extensive experience in simplifying complex health-based information for the public on topics, like respiratory health, mental health, sexual health, and holistic health.


Before she started writing, she had challenges getting simple answers to questions that puzzled her. Hence, she decided to become a consumer writer whose primary job is to simplify difficult words for people. Her decision to specialize in the health industry stems from her passion for the science industry and love for respiratory health specifically.


When it comes to getting the job done, you can count on Margaret. Her exemplary multitasking skills enable her to complete assignments accurately and timely. 


She has helped different brands like webMD, Verywell Health, Medical News Today, Healthline and Inito in breaking down medical jargons to what people can easily grasp. She also specializes in interviewing medical experts that help brands in delivering facts to their readers. 


In her free time, Margaret likes catching up with shows on Netflix that her work and education mostly deprives her of. She also enjoys swimming and trying out new meals from different cultures. Margaret is based in Lagos, Nigeria.


Margaret is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Lagos. She also took an SEO course on Coursera to improve her accuracy with targeting keywords.